Matlock Victorian Christmas weekend

by | Oct 10, 2016 | Derbyshire, Matlock, Peak District

In the Market for some Christmas shopping?

Matlock Victorian Christmas Weekend

Christmas markets date from the Middle Ages in German-speaking European countries, with Vienna’s December market first held in 1294. Although the earliest known market taking place at that time of year, it wasn’t a true Christmas-themed market. Munich’s market began in 1310 and is believed to be the first proper Christmas market. Frankfurt’s own Christmas market is first mentioned in 1393.

Christmas markets had been popular in Britain centuries ago, until the celebration of Christmas and other holy days was prohibited by parliament in the 1640s. Oliver Cromwell – widely believed to have abolished Christmas – is more likely to have simply continued the existing ban on festive celebrations when he became Lord Protector of the Commonwealth (1653 to 1658). It was only when the monarchy was restored in 1660, following the death of Oliver Cromwell from natural causes two years earlier that such traditions began to be re-established. Much later, in the 19th century, the Victorians were known to have held markets selling Christmas goods.

Now ranking as one of the top four East Midlands biggest and most popular Christmas events, Matlock’s Victorian Christmas Weekend is held in Hall Leys Park on the first weekend in December each year. The weekend is a family focused event, with free entertainment and something to appeal to both the young and the old. Over the weekend, Matlock‘s Christmas lights are switched on, there is also undercover stalls, fairground rides, entertainment and fireworks.

Enjoy the Matlock Victorian Christmas Weekend

Other Christmas market events in Derbyshire and the Peak District (2016) are: Chatsworth 12th-29th November; Haddon Hall Artisan market 14th-15th November; Bakewell Winter Wonderland, 19th-20th November; and Derby Winter Wonderland 2nd-23rd December.

Chatsworth Christmas market
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