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A question we are often asked is what made you choose to have and run a bed and breakfast? The simplest answer is hospitality. Prior to having a Bed and Breakfast, we visited lots of hotels. Many were lovely; however, the hospitality was often not quite right.

As a result, we started to visit more and more Bed and Breakfasts. What made them interesting was that they came in all sorts of shapes and sizes. No two were the same. But the best of these had certainly cracked the hospitality challenge. Friendly, informative and interested in their guests. But also gave guests their space. Put simply, there when needed. Hence our decision.


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Why Derbyshire?

Derbyshire is a wonderful place for rest, relaxation and for those that choose some exhilarating outdoor activities. It has so many wonderful spaces and of course the Peak District National Park – the first national park to be established in the UK back in 1951.

When we came across Glendon in 2011 we could see its great potential. It has a fascinating history. It was built in 1857 by the Knowles family, hence the address – Knowleston Place. For much of the last six decades, Glendon had been run as a Bed and Breakfast. Although things have changed quite a lot over that time.

After buying the house in early 2012, we set about a large-scale renovation and reopened Glendon in 2012 just before the Olympic games hosted in the UK. Since then, we have received wonderful guest feedback and our most notable achievement was being voted in the 25 best Bed and Breakfasts in the world by TripAdvisor in 2015.

Helpful and Hospitable

We enjoy our space when away, but it is also nice to know someone is there to help if needed, with suggestions of places to visit, with the local knowledge to answer questions and generally be interested in knowing if you are enjoying your time. That is what we aim to do – be helpful and hospitable, seeing our guests as individuals but also being respectful of their space. We know how busy life can be and a few days away makes a big difference. And that is why we see hospitality as so important, as it can help to make a good stay a great one.

The History of Glendon

We also wanted to offer Bed and Breakfast in a building with interest and we think that is what Glendon does – a classical Victorian villa, history is evident both inside and out. Knowleston Villas (now Knowleston Place) was built between 1857/58 and consisted of 4 properties. John Knowles and his wife Sarah lived in the property known as “Glendon” which had 8 bedrooms. The properties were described as beautiful villas with ornamental and rock gardens opposite laid out by Joseph Paxton (one of the most famous garden designers at nearby Chatsworth House) at a cost of £6000. There is a bridge over the brook into Knowleston Gardens. The gardens were sold to the local council in 1899 and include a lamp post, and a gift from Knowles to the parish of Matlock Green in 1867.

Knowles was a churchwarden at St. Giles Parish Church in Matlock. In 1859 he contributed to the rebuilding of the church and after his death, his wife paid one-quarter of the cost which was completed in 1870. In 1882 a three-light window was placed in the church in his memory. His grave is within sight of Knowleston Place and describes him as “A known railway contractor”.

Knowles was described as a humble man. He was classed as illegitimate when born but not into poverty. He was a hard but generous man and was known to provide food and drink for his workers when the weather was harsh.

And the other member of our team…

Meet Jasper, the B&B dog who has a love for Instagram. He is our Springer Spaniel and luckily is calm and quiet. He is a dog with a liking for ‘s’ – sausages, sticks and sunshine and of course sightseeing. He is often out walking and exploring in Derbyshire and the Peak District but can also be seen starring as an “action hero” in the video below for Derwent House.

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We are proud that both Glendon and our sister business Derwent House were selected to feature in the latest video from Visit Peak District.

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Jasper the Bed and Breakfast dog

“Warm friendly welcome. Impeccable B&B throughout”

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Walking and Exploring Derbyshire

Walking and Exploring Derbyshire

Leave the car and explore. Many of our guests staying at Glendon, like to spend a day or two, out and about without their car. As well as great scenery, this is made all the easier by some great public transport links. Here is one of our suggestions for a great day out.

Peak District bus tour

Peak District bus tour

Go car-free and explore the Peak District by open-top bus. A day ticket for the tour will cost £6 per person, with a discounted group ticket available for £15 for up to 5 people. Find out more.

See the sites of Derbyshire and the peak district by bus

See the sites of Derbyshire and the peak district by bus

See the sights of Derbyshire and the Peak District in the Spring by bus for only £2 per single trip. The next few weeks offer a great opportunity to explore Derbyshire and the Peak District and save money whilst travelling in an environmental way.