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Good New Places for Eating and drinking in Matlock

30, Mar 2022 | Matlock

Matlock Restaurants

Matlock has always offered a good range of places to eat and drink. The Italian, Indian and Thai restaurants have been serving guests for many years and continue to do so. Our guests always tell us how much they enjoy Thailand Number One often described as one of the best Thai restaurants they have visited. Alongside these, there are also the local pubs that offer food.

Eating in Matlock for a special occasion

If you are visiting Matlock for a special occasion one of our favourite restaurants is Stones. It serves a range of excellent dishes that always reflect the skills and food knowledge of the great kitchen staff. As well as the seasonal lunch and dinner menu another favourite of our guests is the tasting menu. The menu covers eight courses and there is also the option of the Wine Flight to accompany each course. And all served in a modern and relaxed dining room. The only downside of this choice is the popularity, which often means a booking is required well in advance. But we have guests who manage to grab a late available table a day or two ahead.

Some new restaurants and bars in Matlock

Last year the drinking venues on Dale Road were joined by a new addition – Bradman’s wine bar. The venue serves a broad range of wines, with some interesting and unusual choices. If you like wine it is well worth a visit.

And in March 2022 there have been three additional eateries, with something for all tastes.

Bod Café Bar in Matlock

On Dale Road, Bod Matlock opened. This is a café bar. It is open throughout the day and evening. During the day it serves a range of hot food snacks and meals. In the evening it serves a limited range of cold snack options. Bod is part of the Titanic brewery group and serves a broad range of beers and ales. A great choice for beer lovers.

Bod Café Bar sign Matlock

Buddy’s is a new eating venue and brings something quite different to Matlock. It is a traditional Smoke House and BBQ venue. The head chef is a past MasterChef finalist. It was interesting to read about his love for ‘pit’ cooking and how this interest was pursued in America. For those who enjoy BBQ meat dishes, this is well worth a visit.

Buddy's smokehouse restaurant sign

The third new offering to open is Ostello. A bar and restaurant, located in the centre of Matlock in Crown Square. This venue is on the site of the former Weatherspoon pub. The transformation of the layout and décor is really very impressive.

Ostello serves food and drinks throughout the day. It has a range of menu options for all tastes and includes a good range of vegetarian and vegan options. There are also specials served on different days of the week.

Ostello Lounge in Matlock

Over the past couple of years, there has been a lot of coverage in the news about places closing in our towns and villages. This makes it particularly welcome to have so many new options, alongside the other bars, restaurants and traditional pubs.

So, if you are visiting Matlock and wondering about places to eat and drink there may well be more options to choose from than you have time to visit.

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