Christmas Market decoration in Matlock

Halloween, bonfire night, Christingle and Christmas Markets in Derbyshire

16, Oct 2018 | Christmas, What's On

The use of light and bonfires began in Pagan times

Winter Lights

The use of light and bonfires began in Pagan times. Light and fire were used to summon the warmth and light during the long winter months and welcome the spring.

Glendon Halloween display with pumpkins

Halloween in Derbyshire

During autumn and winter nights traditionally, a variety of light sources were used to keep the ghosts and ghouls away or to welcome guests and visitors. The tradition of lighting homes at this time of year usually starts with the Halloween tradition of the Jack o’ lantern carved pumpkin. The tradition is thought to have started in Ireland and named after the phenomenon of a strange light flickering over peat bogs, called will-o’-the-wisp or jack-o’-lantern. Turnips or potatoes were used. When the Irish settled in North America the pumpkin became common. It is common to see these lanterns on doorstep on Halloween to keep the ghosts away but of course welcome the Trick or treaters! A great place to visit for all things spooky is Haddon Hall who celebrate Halloween with night time tours.

Fireworks at Chatsworth

Bonfire Night in Derbyshire

In November one of the traditional and largest celebrations of light in the UK is the annual Bonfire Night and the relatively modern tradition of setting off fireworks. Chatsworth House celebrate with a Fantastic Firework Display set to music over two night and on Saturday 3rd November Matlock Rugby Club hosts an Electrifying Bonfire and Fireworks Extravaganza.

Candle light at Haddon Hall

Advent in Derbyshire

During Advent the Christingle is used to represent the coming of Jesus as the light of the world. A Christingle is made by using an orange to represent the world with a red ribbon wrapped around it representing the love of God wrapped round the world and the blood of Jesus Christ. Sweets are studded into the orange to represent the four seasons and the diversity of the creation. A candle is placed on top of the orange with the light representing Christ the light of the World. This year Haddon Hall have a wonderful music programme through Advent.

Derbyshire Christmas wreath on wooden door

Christmas in Derbyshire

The tradition of lighting our Christmas Trees with Lights started in the 17th Century in Germany candles were used on the branches of the tree. In 1882 the first electric string lights were put on a tree. Why not come and see Chatsworth House decorated for Christmas with the Once Upon a Time theme running throughout the House during November and December …..

Christmas markets in Derbyshire

Christmas Markets in Derbyshire

Here in Derbyshire, you will also find some winter markets and fairs which will celebrate Light and Fire including the Haddon Hall Artisan market, the Chatsworth Christmas Market and Matlock Victorian market.

So, lots of events for the final weeks of the year in the lead up to Christmas. If you are visiting why not combine it with a night with us at Glendon.

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