RHS Chatsworth display of hand and tree

The first RHS Chatsworth Flower Show 2017

22, Jun 2017 | Chatsworth, RHS Flower Show

In June 2017, we were delighted to visit the first RHS Chatsworth Flower Show. The large replica glass dome by Paxton, was stunning. Tickets for the future RHS Chatsworth shows on sale, visit the page for more information.

The days leading up to the show saw heavy rain but the organisers did a tremendous job in getting the show open and welcoming visitors. All our visitors to Glendon during the week had come to enjoy the first show in Derbyshire.

When approaching Chatsworth, you could not miss the large replica glass dome by Paxton, who laid out the original gardens. It was fascinating to learn how many plant species, which we now think of native, were brought to our shores by some inventive and enquiring early botanists.

Paxton glass dome at RHS Chatsworth show

As well as the stunning show gardens, one of our favourite displays were the varied sculptures. It was fascinating to learn how the ‘metal flowers’ (our description really does not to them justice but hopefully the photograph does) by Fantasy Wire were made by father and daughter. And there was ‘Boy with a book’, part of the gold medal winning Belmond Enchanted Garden designed by Butter Wakefield. And a gorgeous sculpture by one of our favourite local artists – Juliet Forrest, who produced an amazing glass structure that would look stunning in any garden.

Fantasy wire sculpture at RHS Chatsworth

If you visited, we hope you enjoyed it. If not, tickets for the next show will be on sale from around the 1st August. Glendon is always open for show-goers, we can look after all your purchases while you explore the rest of what the Peak District has to offer, but book early, we are full for this week every year!

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