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Looking ahead to RHS Chatsworth

12, Jun 2018 | RHS Flower Show

Chatsworth House with flowers in the foreground

Well, the 2019 RHS Chatsworth House flower show is over. Most of our guests who stayed last week were here to enjoy a day at the show. As the week went on the array of plants in our garden grew. But we were just temporary minders and waterers. They have now all dispersed, with their new owners, to different parts of the UK to their new gardens. Tickets for the next RHS Chatsworth Show will be on sale, visit this page for more information.

Stained glass panels at RHS Chatsworth

We paid a visit to the show on Sunday. The day seemed to get hotter and hotter but it was ideal to enjoy the show. From entering the grounds, we were parked in a few minutes, warmly greeted when we arrived at the show entrance and immediately started to enjoy the sights and sounds of everything on offer at RHS Chatsworth.

We could not resist some more wonderful glass flowers from Juliet Forrest Glass and copper poppies from Myburgh Designs.

RHS Chatsworth orchid display with large watering can

There was the wonderful orchid display in the Great Conservatory by Jonathan Mosley and a superb range of growers and nurseries, all willing to answer questions and offer advice. The range of exhibitors this year was wonderful. From garden ornaments, sculptures, maps the delicious variety of food and drink.

RHS Chatsworth main flower display

There was a good selection of show gardens, in particular we enjoyed the long border gardens this year. It was so impressive to see that some of the designers are still horticultural students.

All of this was set with the backdrop of Chatsworth House and Estate, simply idyllic surroundings.

And the consensus? It was an overwhelming success. We can’t wait for next year’s show!

RHS Chatsworth Flower Show 2018 small garden exhibits

Wooden ladder decorated with flowerpots

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