Spring Daffodils

Spring is in the air in Matlock

23, Feb 2017 | Matlock

Glendon’s garden is waking up, which means spring is in the air. New signs of life are starting to appear.

Our first snowdrops appeared in early February followed shortly after by the yellow crocuses (February Gold). New leaves and buds are forming on the Magnolia tree and the Irises are putting out new leaves.

Grey Squirrel at bird table

Spring Flowers

Two spring time favourites are the Narcissus and Hyacinth, which get their names from Greek mythology. The daffodil or its full name, Narcissus, was named after a handsome young man named Narcissus, who ignored the goddess Echo who had fallen in love with him.

He was called to a stream by Nemesis where he gazed at his reflection and remained there to admire it. When he succumbed to starvation because of his fixation the gods transformed him into a flower so he could remain at the side of the stream forever. The daffodil is now the National flower of Wales and is worn on St David’s day, the 1st March each year.

A top tip when displaying daffodils. The slime from the cut stems of the flower makes other flowers wilt more quickly, so avoid putting them with other flowers when displaying them in a vase.

Hyacinth was said to be the lover of Apollo. Apparently one day whilst playing discus, Apollo throw the disc, which hit the floor and rebounded hitting Hyacinth on the head. Hyacinth died from his wound. Where the blood fell it is said the Hyacinth flower grew.

Spring primroses in the garden

Other flowers are also making an appearance: tulips, primroses, hellebores and roses are putting out new shots. These will be ready for pruning in March.

The birds are also making frequent visits to the bird feeder and the gardener’s friend, also known as Mr Robin, seems to follow me around the garden as I am tidying and weeding the beds and boarders. And of course, the squirrel must be in on the action!

Remember the old saying “March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb”. With all this new life our thoughts turn to Easter and the start of a busy time here at Glendon as visitors start to enjoy the Peak District at springtime. There are some amazing gardens and parks to visit here in Derbyshire including Chatsworth House, Haddon Hall, Renishaw, Hall Leys Park and Hopton Hall.

Robin in Spring garden




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