Meteorological, Astronomical or Hogmanay

by | Feb 6, 2017 | Glendon

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Spring cleaning at Glendon

Spring is not too far off now. Meteorologically spring beings on the 1st March and runs until the end of June. Astronomically the start of spring is determined by the tilt of the earth and is marked by the spring equinox – when the length of day and night are equal. In 2017 this date is the 20th March. But what does this have to do with us? Well, simply a time for a refresh and thorough cleaning of the house – or as it is better known spring cleaning. It may seem a little early but in Scotland Hogmanay, as well as celebrating the start of the year, is also associated with ‘New Year’s cleaning’. So, an ideal time for a spring clean at Glendon.

Top bed and breakfast in Matlock

This year as well as a spring clean we have completed some renovations. Two bedrooms have been decorated. Each has new wall coverings, curtains (with blackout lining) and accessories. And as always, the aim is to create a welcoming and comfortable place to stay, with something to suit all tastes.

Country pictures at Glendon

We have also added a ‘country feel’, with new wildlife pictures, pictures from Derbyshire and one of our favourite additions the new cushions with images of deer and rabbits. Overall, we feel the new look is ideal for our location.

Redecorating Glendon Guest House

One of our favourite features of Glendon are the original cast iron radiators on the ground floor. Over the years though, the number of coats of paint has grown. The result was they never looked quite as they would have done when first installed. Well now, after thorough cleaning and powder paint coating they once again look like new – historically speaking. We make it sound simple but if you asked our plumber, he may have a different take on this one!

Spring Cleaning at Glendon

We don’t usually write just about Glendon but occasionally it is nice to share what we have been doing in the house. And for our guests what does this mean? A house ready for spring; lengthening days and more sunshine. An ideal combination to plan a break away…

Premier room at Glendon Bed and Breakfast
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