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Electric Vehicles and visiting Derbyshire and the Peak District

27 Mar, 2019 | Environment

Electric vehicle charging sockets

What are electric vehicle charging stations?

Electric vehicle charging stations charge cars using different connections and at different rates. The electric vehicle charging station at Glendon offers two 7-pin charging points, also known as type 2 connectors. With this type of adaptor, the vehicle has the male inlet and the charging station the female. To use our charging station a charging lead is required to connect from your vehicle to the station.

Polar EVC charging point

Where are electric car charging points located?

AS well as the charging station here at Glendon, the number of electric vehicle charging points in the UK is rising rapidly. There are approximately 20000 charge points across the UK and estimates suggest this will rise to over 100,000 within the next 2-3 years. Unsurprisingly, there are more charging points in city and town locations but the number in rural locations is also rising rapidly. There are some pubs in the local area with charging stations but relatively few accommodation providers, so we are really pleased to be able to offer this facility to our guests. To find out details of other charging stations there are a range of maps, such as Zap-Map, to assist.

How environmentally friendly is using an electric car?

There are potentially varied answers to this. For us, at Glendon, we have an electricity supplier who provide electricity using primarily recycled sources, so this adds to the positive environmental impact. Frequently, there is coverage in the news about air pollutants omitted form cars, particularly in built up areas. Again, electric vehicles omit less greenhouse gases and air pollutants than standard petrol/diesel vehicles. As a tourism business, we are aware of our impact, and we hope this step will allow us to make a further positive environmental contribution to Derbyshire and the Peak District.

How fast is electric car charging?

The time it takes to charge will depend on the size of the vehicle battery and the speed of the charger. Charging stations fall into three broad bands: slow, fast and ultra. Our charging station offers two 7kw charge points, which is classified as a fast charger. This type of charger was chosen as our guests are with us overnight. The time will also depend of course on how much charge is left in the vehicle. The benefit of having onsite charging means our guests are able to top-up the charge daily if required.

Who pays for charging an electric vehicle?

This will vary depending on the provider of the charge station. A number of charge stations are part of a network, such as Polar and each network has its own pricing structure. The amount it costs to recharge a vehicle varies but costs tends t range form 9-20p per kilowatt hour. At Glendon we are pleased to provide free electric vehicle charging to our guests. If you have an electric vehicle and planning a trip away, you can do so knowing that as well as recharging your own batteries we have facilities to recharge your vehicles too.

Electric vehicle charging station

Reviews from our guests

review rating 5
  One of the best if not the best guest house I have stayed in rooms were spotlessly clean, location was brilliant, and the owner went the extra mile to make sure everything was ok, booked again for later in the year and the lemon drizzle cake was to die for and a lovely touch

Father daughter And son

review rating 5
  This is such a lovely place to stay - definitely one of the best guest houses I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting. My room was gorgeous and had all the essentials, plus lots of added extras. Having a decent sized fridge in there was a great touch! And I loved my evenings sitting in the guest lounge with a glass of complementary port! Breakfast was delicious and Damien and Adrian are so lovely, their attention to detail and friendly service is what makes this place so special. I stayed here as I was attending a local course, but I’m already planning to come back for a leisure stay with my husband to show him how wonderful this place is.

Pamela H

review rating 5
  We initially were led to this establishment as it has an electric car charging point (free to use) but Glendon House proved to be a real find for us. The room was both stylish and very comfortable. Nothing was too much trouble. For example, we were welcomed with a pot of green tea and most delicious cake and lovely gluten free alternative. In fact we will officially award them the best gluten-free breakfast ever, in our opinion!

Ant Barraclough

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